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The American Doll & Toy Corp. formaly American Charater Doll Company had there own doll catalog for advertising. This catalog was sent only to retailers that sold the dolls. There is very little advertising photos to be found so far. Whimsies were sold through Montgomery Wards and Sears catalogs for $6.98 or $7.98. It is unclear if all the dolls were featured through these catalogs or if they only sold select ones. Whimsies were also advertised during the Shari Lewis Show on NBC. There was also an American Character comic brochure that was distributed inside the box with each doll. Advertising material is very hard to come by and that may be because of the short production period of these dolls.

I have purchased one of the American Doll & Toy Corp sales catalogs from 1960. This catalog looks like the first presentation of Whimsies. Please feel free to download and take a look!CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Here is a copy of the comic that was included with each doll. They are presented on the last pages as kind of an introduction, so they might have not been in dolls from 1961. Please feel free to download and take a look! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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