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Cleaning & Care

You will rarely find a doll that is mint in the box. These dolls were played with and loved and often have marks on them or are just plain dirty. I have found ways to clean these dolls without messing up their paint or color.

CLEANING FACE AND BODIES: To clean your dolls body and face use a damp cloth and Soft Scrub Gel, this is a non abrasive cleaner and will not scratch or damage the doll. Take special care around eyes, lips and painted areas. Marking that will not come off with cloth usually can be scratched off with finger nail. Again be very careful as to not damage any paint. When cleaning is completed rinse cloth and go over doll again to get left over cleaner off of doll. To complete cleaning of face use a wet Q-tip, rub around eys, mouth and ears.
CLEANING HAIR: To clean your dolls hair, wash only if necessary. You will need someone or someway to hold the doll upside down. This is to prevent any water and cleaner from going in the hair plugs. I have found that the best cleaner for their hair is Dawn Dishwashing liguid (original) and cold water. This gets any residue out of the hair. Be sure and not use very much (a little really does go a long way). Rinse completely and towel dry a little. Hair can be combed out after washing. Always hold hair close to the head so you don't pull hair out of the plugs. This combing out process can take awhile, because of the synthetic hair it may break a little so be careful. You can then curl with foam rolers or leave straight. You will find that after the hair is dry you will be able run a comb through it again with ease.
CLEANING CLOTHES: To clean your dolls clothes use a very mild detergent (without bleach). Wash these items in cold water by hand in a tub or sink. Take special care to wash same colors together, some colors will bleed. If washing a felt outfit just rinse with water because the coloring in the felt will wash out. Hang dry and iron if necessary. Never put clothes in washer or dryer. These clothes cannot be replaced so take special care in cleaning them.
MAKING CLOTHES: I have purchased a set of patterns that I want to share with everyone. I scanned them but I am not too sure how they will print out. They seem to print out just fine but they scale to fit the page. I also have not made any of these patterns and would love if you let me know how they work. I do not sew and never have so I have no idea if they will fit the dolls or not. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Here are a few before and after shots of my dolls

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