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Hedda Get Bedda

Hedda Get Bedda is from 1961. She is the only Whimsies doll that was made with three different faces. You can change her faces by simply turning the knob on the top of her vinyl nightcap. Hedda's faces are sick (I believe with chickenpox), sleeping and then smiling and all better (or bedda). Her Tag does not have a saying on it, only the instructions for turning her faces. She appears to have been sold with a hopital bed and without. The bed also appears to have been sold separatly also.

Hedda Get Bedda Fact Sheet
Hair Color: None - vinyl nightcap
Hair Style: None
Eyes: Half open, closed, and fully opened brown eyes
Clothing: Emobssed cotton pajamas, pink flower pattern and blue flower pattern
Shoes: None
Accessories: Thermometer and bed (optional)

Various Photos of Hedda Get Bedda

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