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The Whimsies Characters:

Annie the Astronut (1961)

Bessie the Bashful Bride - "Wedding Dress" (1960)

Bessie the Bashful Bride - "Lingere Outfit" (1961)

Betty the Beauty

Dixie the Pixie (1960) / Polly the Lolly (1961)

Fanny the Fallen Angel (1960)

Fanny the Flapper (1961)

Freddie the Friar

Hedda Get Bedda (1961)

Hilda the Hillbilly / Raggie the Muffin (1960)

Lena the Cleaner (1960-61)

Samson the Strongman (1961)

Simon the Degree (1960)

Suzie the Snoozie

Tillie the Talker

Trixie the Pixie

Wheeler the Dealer (1960)

Zack the Sack

Zero the Hero

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Jolly the Dolly (?) (1960-61)

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