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My name is Fanny the Fallen Angel. I was produced in 1960 by the American Character
Doll Company.

I am one of many
Whimsie dolls produced
in 1960 and 1961.

I hope we can bring a smile to your face as we were able to do so long ago!

A little girl's first Whimsie
(photo courtesy of April)

This site is designed to help people by providing information on Whimsies. Information about these dolls is often spotty and uncertain, so with the help of others I hope to shed some light on these wonderful dolls. Within this site you can find the following information: doll descriptions, doll variations, company information and contact information. So set back and be prepared to smile as you walk into the American character Dolls called Whimsies.

American Character Dolls: Identification & Value Guide American Character Dolls: Identification & Value Guide by Judith Izen
This book by Izen has some of the most useful and helpful information about American Character Dolls, and includes a very informative section on Whimsies. It has been an invaluable resource for this website and I strongly suggest it!

This site does NOT have any affiliation with the American Character Doll Company. No copyright/trademark infringement is intended. All names, characters, and references in this site are copyright/trademark
their respective owners.