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When the American Charater Doll Company went out of business in 1968 it is unknown what happened to the doll molds and designs. It does appear that mold for the bodies of the Mini Whimsies were used for Uneeda's Little Sophisticates from 1968. What happened to the molds for their heads? Are these dolls from the same era of the Whimsies, or a much later time period? Hopefully someone can shed some light on this subject. I am sure there are more Whimsies dolls to be found. Please contact me with any additional information.

Here is a Leprechaun doll that has a stuffed cloth body and the head of the Whimsies. He appears to be factory made, his beard is plugged, he has plastic hands. His clothes are made out of felt including his shoes and hat. This doll has no tags or markings but did have a Hallmark pin attached to his vest. It is unkown if this pin was placed on him at a later date, or if he is actually a Hallmark produced doll.

This doll was recently sold on ebay. She was sold as "Summer Picnic" Whimsie. She appears to have blonde (yellow) hair and a full cloth body. She appears to be wearing Lena the Cleaners outfit. I did ask the seller if she had any tags or markings the response was no. It is unclear if this doll is a real Whimsies or not.

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